Information for patients

You’ll need the login codes from the letter for the questionnaires

What would participation in the DOMESTICO study mean for you?

DOMESTICO – prospective

Will you start dialysis soon? Or do you have recently started dialysis? In that case, you are a possible candidate for this study! The aim of this study is to investigate the quality of life and health outcomes for people on home dialysis compared to people on in-center dialysis. With the results of this study we hope to provide insight as to whether, and for which people, home dialysis leads to a better quality of life and health outcomes. The results of this study  are extremely important because we want to organize care for kidney patients as good as possible, especially regarding the location where dialysis is performed.

Participating in this study does not change your treatment or care you receive.

For the study we ask you to complete questionnaires about your quality of life and about the costs you make regarding your dialysis treatment. Completing the questionnaires takes 10-20 minutes. A questionnaire will be provided for a maximum of 4 times per year.

Anyone aged 18 years or older, who provides permission, may participate.

DOMESTICO – retrospective

If you started with a form of dialysis between 1-1-2012 and 1-1-2017, you could participate in this study. The aim of this study is to look for causes that force someone to switch from home dialysis to in-center dialysis. For this purpose, we investigate electronic files of dialysis patients (both home and in-center dialysis patients). That means that your data filed between 1-1-2012 and 1-1-2017, such as how often  and how long you have dialyzed, and whether there were any medical problems, will be taken from your patient file. Furthermore, we will search for information about your disease process, such as how certain blood values ​​were and what medicines you used. There are no interventions associated with this study.

The researcher will look up the data in your file and record it in a database under a code (so without your name, but under a study number, for example A001, A002, etc). You as a person are never recognizable in a report or publication. Which person belongs to which code is only registered at your dialysis department. Furthermore, the researcher is bound by medical confidentiality, just like all doctors.


If you have any questions regarding DOMESTICO or if you would like to participate, you can send an email to: